Asus F50SF Sound Crackle/Static with Windows 7 x64

09 Sep 2011

So every time I reinstall Windows 7 on my laptop, I have this horrible sound popping/crackle/static when I use the official drivers for my model. Even though I've ran through this about four times now, I always manage to forget the solution. No more! And if you are suffering from the same problem, then hopefully this will help you too.

After poring through forums, I came across this "beta" driver posted by a fellow over at 7 Forums. Greedily I downloaded and  installed it...and now I have it! Pure, crisp, un-tarnished sound. Beautiful.


Here are my specs, if you share the same model and are having this issue, this post is for you.

Asus F50SF Windows 7 x64 4Gb Ram Nvidia 220M Core 2 Duo 2.53Ghz

I am not responsible for anything this may or may not do to your system, but if you are like me, you past the point of caring about that.